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We do not sell new, rebuilt, or used TIPMs, but you may be able to find them at a junkyard or on Ebay.


IMPORTANT:  This product will not resolve a faulty fuel pump relay problem if an external fuel pump relay is already installed.  Click here to verify.

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TIPM-7 Part Number Location

TIPM Part Numbers

The part number you'll need is located on a white sticker attached to the rearo or side of your TIPM. A typical part number is 04692335AG, with the last letter referring to the date of assembly. The last two letters do not need to match your TIPM, but the first eight numbers must be identical.   You can also visit Factory Chrysler Parts and enter TIPM part numbers to see applicable vehicles.

  • 68165692AB
  • 04692298AG
  • 04692299AG
  • 04692316AH
  • 04692319AG
  • 04692332AD
  • 04692335AH
  • 56049717AK
  • 68089321AG
  • 68089323AE
  • 68105502AC
  • 68105507AC
  • 68163903AB
  • 68163904AC
  • 68165692AD
  • 04692305AG
  • 56049721AO
  • 04692235AH
  • 68165692AC

Note: The above part numbers do not indicate current stock. 


How To Remove Your Faulty TIPM

  1. Removing your TIPMRemoval of the old TIPM should take approximately 15-30 minutes. The installation of a used TIPM will also take 15-30 minutes.
  2. Locate your car battery and remove the negative (black) terminal. Most batteries are located under the passenger seat, but some are under the hood. This will prevent any accidental electrical shorts that may occur when you remove the positive (red) terminal from your TIPM.
  3. Locate the TIPM under the hood of your vehicle.
  4. Do NOT remove any fuses, gray plug-in relays, or other devices.
  5. Remove the positive (red) battery connection in the upper left corner of your TIPM. You'll need an open end wrench or socket to remove the single hex nut.
  6. Release the plastic clips that secure the TIPM to the vehicle and lift the TIPM upward slightly.
  7. Unplug all locking cable harness connections to bottom of the TIPM. Each connector can be released by pushing a center release latch and rotating a gray clip. All connectors are color coded, so there is no need to remember or mark their locations.
  8. Remove the TIPM from your vehicle.


How To Install a New or Used TIPM

  1. TIPM RemovalReconnect all cable harness connectors to the bottom of the TIPM. Connectors are color coded. Secure each connector with the integrated locking clips.
  2. Move the TIPM downward until the plastic clips on the front and back are secured to the vehicle.
  3. Reconnect the positive (red) battery connection to the threaded stud located in the upper left corner of your TIPM. Tighten the hex bolt.
  4. Reconnect the negative cable to the battery negative (-) post.
  5. Insert your key into the vehicle ignition and turn it to the RUN position for 12 seconds. Do NOT start the vehicle. The TIPM will then obtain the necessary vehicle configuration and VIN data from the CCN and PCM.
  6. Turn your key to the off position.
  7. Attempt to start the vehicle. If you have any problems, perform a TIPM hard reset per the below instructions.


How To Perform a TIPM Hard Reset

  1. Remove ignition key.
  2. Remove the negative cable from the battery.
  3. Remove the positive cable from the battery.
  4. Keeping cables completely clear of the battery, hold both the positive and negative cables together for 10 minutes. There will be initial sparking as power is drained from the system. Again, please make sure these two cables never touch your battery.
  5. After 10 minutes, discontinue holding the positive and negative cables together. Reconnect the positive cable to the battery positive (+) post, followed by the negative cable to the battery negative (-) post.
  6. Attempt to start the vehicle and confirm it is working properly. If not, proceed to the next step.
  7. Disconnect the ground cable from battery (-) post and touch this cable to the battery positive (+) post. The positive battery cable should be connected to the battery at this time. Hold this connection for 10 seconds, then reconnect your negative cable to the battery negative (-) post
  8. 90% of all used TIPMs will not need reprogrammed if the above steps are performed properly.
  9. If a TIPM hard reset fails, confirm that you have the correct TIPM part number and all electrical connections are correct. Consult your local dealer to have the TIPM programmed per your VIN.
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