Counterfeit image from EbayCounterfeit Vertical Visions products manufactured by Chinese companies have recently been sold on Amazon and/or Ebay.  Most contain serious manufacturing defects that can cause safety issues.  They all violate one or more of the following:

Several counterfeit products that brazenly display our trademarked business name and patent number on the product (see image at right) contain insufficient cross sections of copper, which could result in your vehicle stalling while driving.  Our lawyers have issued cease and desist letters to sellers, with some success.  Amazon and Ebay have been disappointingly unhelpful in removing these products.

Amazon Counterfeit Products

Amazon has been difficult to work with in regards to removing the counterfeit products.  After filing complaints against the patent infringers through the Amazon Report Infringment Form, Amazon has repeatedly advised us to contact the sellers ourselves to resolve the dispute.  After applying for the Amazon APEX program to challenge counterfeiters and infringers via a neutral patent lawyer, Amazon denied our request.  After presenting clear evidence to Amazon that the counterfeit product lists our trademarked company name, Amazon did nothing but remove a few product images.  More examples of Amazon's lack of cooperation in removing counterfeit products, including the removal our truthful product reviews, is shown below.

Ebay Counterfeit Products

Ebay seems to care nothing about patents, as evidenced by their email to us on February 7, 2024:

"Interpreting a patent requires expertise in the field of your invention, which eBay doesn't have. And, eBay doesn't make, sell, or possess the items you reported and so can't in any event compare your patent’s claims to the reported listings."

In order to report a counterfeit item, Ebay requires you to click on the "Report this item" link on the product page where you're limited to explaining the issue in 100 letters or less.  This is illogical.

Counterfeit Sellers

1) Amazon Seller:  XIAN TING XU/ZrAutomch.  Email:

This seller initially ignored our cease and desist letter, but eventually removed the product from Amazon and apologized to us.  The seller claimed in writing that all counterfeit parts were destroyed.

Building 56, Hongdi Industrial City
Poyang County Industrial Park, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province
333100 CHINA

Counterfeit parts   Counterfeit parts Counterfeit parts    Counterfeit Instructions

2)  Amazon Seller:  chenyangyang/XYgdhqpt.  Email:

This counterfeit version has the safety issue mentioned above.  This seller has ignored our cease and desist letters.  We filed numerous patent and trademark infringement complaints with Amazon, which were ignored.  Amazon deleted our truthful product reviews which claimed this part was a counterfeit, then sent us an email claiming the product was "authentic".  We eventually called Amazon and verbally described how this part infringed on our patent and trademark, which resulted in the product being removed.

Weifangxingyuanshangmaoyouxiangongsi d/b/a XYgdhqpt
Room 319, Building 1, Beiwang International Auto Parts City, China
West of Weizhou Road and south of Yuquan Street, Kuiwen District
Weifang, Shandong Province, 261046 CHINA

Counterfeit partsCounterfeit parts   Counterfeit parts  Counterfeit instructions

3)  Ebay Seller: "fastlane-a"

This counterfeit version has the safety issue mentioned above.  The images used by this seller match those used by the Amazon seller in item #2, however the single image displayed has been altered to remove our company name and patent number.  No instructions or alligator clip cable came with this counterfeit part.  This part is also of extremely poor quality and it shipped from China through Win It America based on Walnut, CA.  Ebay refused to remove this part based on the patent claims since they don't care about patents, but the seller quickly removed it once confronted with our patent and trademark infringement claims.  The seller has been cooperative to some degree indicating he purchased the counterfeit goods from an Indian businessman in Guangzhou, China.  The seller claims to have destroyed all inventory.

Counterfeit versionCounterfeit Ebay Part    


4) Amazon Seller: Yinuoparts

This part adds an unnecessary voltmeter to our patented and trademarked part in a failed attempt to make it look different.  It appears to utilize improper copper thickness, creating a possible safety issue.  Immediately after sending a cease and desist message, the seller disappeared from Amazon.

Counterfeit Amazon product

5)  Numerous other thieves who have copied our intellectual property, images, and instructions for our TIPM bypass cables. 


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