1. TIPM RemovalRemoval should take 15-30 minutes.
  2. Confirm that your TIPM is from one of the applicable vehicles listed above and your double relays are indeed faulty. 
  3. Locate your car battery and remove the negative (black) terminal. Some batteries are located under the passenger seat. This will prevent any accidental electrical shorts that may occur as you remove the positive (red) terminal from your TIPM.
  4. Locate the TIPM under the hood of your vehicle.
  5. Do not remove any fuses, relays, or other devices.
  6. Remove the positive (red) battery connection in the upper corner of your TIPM. You'll need an open end wrench or socket to remove a single hex nut.
  7. Release the four plastic retention clips that secure the TIPM to the vehicle and lift the TIPM upward slightly.
  8. Unplug all seven cable harness connections to the TIPM. Each connector can be released by pushing a center release latch and rotating the locking arm, All connectors are color coded and keyed, so there is no need to remember or mark their locations.
  9. Remove the TIPM from your vehicle.

TIPM connectorsTIPM Removal

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