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Although rare, our customers occasionally identify situations where our TIPM cables or TIPM Plug-In Relay Systems develop hot spots and melting of plastic parts (covers, fuses, etc.).  Our customer's natural instinct is to assume our parts are faulty when, in fact, it's actually a problem with their fuse box terminals (the parts that physically contact your fuses).

The root cause is often due to customers or prior owners of the vehicle repeatedly inserting or removing fuse taps, wires, or other parts into a specific fuse slot (prior to the installation of our part).  It most often affects parts inserted into the M25 or M37 fuse slots.  Repeated insertion and removal of objects into these fuse slots widens the fuse terminals inside the TIPM, creating a temperature hot spot due the terminals of our part or a fuse not being able to maintain enough surface area contact. The 9 amps flowing to your fuel pump requires that your TIPM terminals be tight, pushed together, and secure.

The solution is to remove all fuses/relays, remove the top portion of your TIPM, then crimp the terminals back together with a pair of pliers.  Reaching the terminals without removing the top portion of your TIPM is extremely difficult.  Until you repair this issue, anything you insert into the affected fuse slot will experience higher than normal temperatures and potential damage.

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