My car stalls while driving and won't restart until it cools down

SOLUTION - This is typically not a fuel pump relay issue and our parts will not help.  This situation is most often a problem with the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) integrated circuit (IC).   It can also be tied to thermal expansion issues or cold solder joints inside the TIPM.  Cracks in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) components or solder joints on the circuit boards inside your TIPM can expand enough to prevent electrical signals to pass.  Once the vehicle cools, these cracks shrink allowing the signals to pass and you can then start your vehicle.  If you currently have any of our TIPM Plug-In Relay Systems and this situation occurs, we suggest you view the PUMP ON green LED when the vehicle is failing to restart.  If this LED is lit, our part can be ruled out.

Intermittent or odd functionality with wipers, door locks, horn, lights, dashboard, etc. (ie.  my vehicle is possessed)

Corroded chassis ground connectionMany people report situations where their vehicle "goes nuts" with headlights, fans, wipers, horn, gauges, wipers, door locks, or other items turn on/off on their own. We have several proven solutions listed below to fix intermittent problems based on our own research and feedback from others, but this type of problem is never related to our productrs or the fuel pump circuit.  However, note that certain relay-driven items (horn, door locks, wipers, fuel pump, etc) that fail to work all the time may be able to be repaired. If you are able to fix your problem, please contact us and share your solution so we can share with others. The following suggestions are the result of thousands of phone calls and emails since 2014:

  1. BEST SOLUTION:  Check all wires that connect to chassis ground.  As vehicles age, rust forms where the wires ground to the frame of the vehicle.  Clean the rust off using a wire brush and apply dielectric grease, if needed.  When these rusted ground connections cannot complete a proper electrical circuit, a "floating ground" situation can be present with internal MOSFETs, causing functions to not know if they should be on or off.  This scenario can cause many functions to randomly power on/off even when the vehicle is off.
  2. Locate car battery and check to ensure the + and - connectors are securely crimped to the cables that feed it. Solder and/or recrimp as needed. This solution verified on a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan with intermittent wipers, radio, etc.
  3. Open TIPM lid, then check all mini blade and cartridge fuses to make sure none are blown
  4. Swap all similar grey relays with the same part numbers. These grey relays are removable and located next to your fuses. Move A to B, B to C, C to D, and D to A. Orientation isn't critical on rectangular relays, so you can rotate the relay 180 degrees if needed. If you notice a new problem and/or the old problem is fixed, you may have a relay issue. Replace affected relay. Or you can test each relay with a 9V battery and multimeter.
  5. Reseat all connectors on the bottom of the TIPM. This will take up to 30 minutes. You may have a bad connection between pins.
  6. MANY people have reported success with tightening of all ground connections and cleaning the pins on the electrical connectors under the TIPM. Tighten all bolts/screws that contain a wire leading directly into the chassis (frame) of the vehicle. These connections are often located near the TIPM. Ground connections can become rusted, corroded, or loose. Many electrical functions in the TIPM turn on/off by switching ground connections.
  7. Remove the (+) battery connection on upper left of TIPM or the (-) battery connection on vehicle battery. Reinstall connection. This resets the TIPM. Then turn vehicle on and go to RUN position, but don't start. Wait 12 secs, then turn off, then start normally.
  8. Replace TIPM to see if the problem persists. We can recommend used TIPMs for sale.
  9. You may have a faulty Front Control Module (FCM) or Body Control Module (BCM). The BCM is an electronic control unit responsible for monitoring and controlling various electronic accessories in a vehicle's body. Typically in a car the BCM controls the power windows, power mirrors, air conditioning, immobilizer system, central locking, etc. The FCM is a micro controller based module that mates to the power distribution center to form the Integrated Power Module (IPM). The FCM controls power to some vehicle systems electrical and electromechanical loads based on inputs received from hard wired switch inputs and data received on the CAN bus circuit.

When I turn the key, nothing happens, I only hear clicking sounds, or the starter engages for less than one second

PROBLEM - If you try to start your car, but it intermittently or consistently won't even try to power the starter and turn the flywheel.  You turn the key and nothing happens or you simply hear a clicking sound, despite having a fully charged or new battery.

POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS - You may have a failed starter or solenoid, loose/corroded +12 VDC battery cables, shifter cable issue, dead battery, failed alternator that isn't charging your battery, failed starter relay/fuse in the TIPM, or a TIPM with loose electrical connectors underneath it. Regardless, this is NOT A PROBLEM RELATED TO OUR PRODUCTS OR THE FUEL PUMP CIRCUIT IN ANY WAY.  Many people confuse the starting and fuel delivery systems.  You must be able to start (rotate) the engine prior to the consideration of delivering fuel. Normal battery voltage for a parked (not running) vehicle is between 12-12.8 VDC with an average voltage of around 12.5 VDC.  When your vehicle is running, with the alternator charging the battery, voltages are normally 13.5-14 VDC. If your battery measures around 12.5 VDC and only jump starting your vehicle allows it to start, we suggest you focus your attention to battery cable and other electrical connections that are likely loose or not making sufficient contact.  

Check to make sure the +12VDC power cable is properly connected to the starter and no corrosion is present (some people have reported this is the cause). The shifter cable connects your shift lever to the transmission. If the shifter cable, note that it sometimes stretches or becomes loose and sensors think the vehicle is not in park. On some Dodge Caravans, you simply need to remove the battery and battery box under the hood to access this cable and adjust it accordingly.  Additionally, faulty starters are known to cause issues where turning the key to start the vehicle results in nothing but a clicking sound from the starter.

If your vehicle tries to start for less than a second and stops, this solution might help.Corroded wire harness

Lights, dashboard, and windshield wipers going crazy on a 2008 Chrysler Town & Country touring van (SOLVED)

Corroded wire harness in driver side sliding door (A customer reported in September 2016 that buying a new TIPM did not solve his problem, and the dealer eventually found corrosion on the pigtail wiring on the driver side sliding door. Cost was $209 for the part and $180 in labor. The customer wanted me to tell everyone to check all wiring for corrosion before taking a van to have the TIPM replaced. The dealer identified the problem part as FP number: 68043333-AB with description: Wiring SL 0801502. See photos below.

Starter Stops After 2 Seconds

PROBLEM - My issue has only been with starting the 2011 Dodge Grand "tics" as if battery is dead randomly, but eventually starts. I do NOT hear the fuel pump continue to run after vehicle is off. Could this still be the fuel pump relay? If so...could a novice use your bypass cable in order to make sure before contacting you for permanent repair? I was quoted $1100 for replacement of my TIPM, and am not a happy camper that this was not covered under my pricey warranty.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION - Whatever you do, don't spend $1100 on a new TIPM. You can buy used TIPMs for much less. To address your issue, a ticking battery usually indicates low voltage being supplied to the starter. Corroded or inadequately tightened battery terminals can cause the vehicle to not start in certain situations. The connection may provide just enough current to permit accessory power, but no starting. I would clean your battery terminals. You could also have a bad/corroded ground connection that is causing intermittent issues with your TIPM. As for the problem being a fuel pump relay, it's possible. Bad fuel pump relays won't cause any tics, but will instead make the vehicle act like it's out of gas. Of course, a "stuck on" fuel pump relay will drain your battery - causing some of the initial issues you describe with tics. If I were you, I would look into my ground connections to the chassis and check for corroded wiring. If you do buy a TIPM Bypass Cable or TIPM Plug-In Relay System, it's worth noting that any novice can use it. We include detailed hard copy instructions.

Sliding door on Dodge Caravan operates randomly

PROBLEM - The sliding door opens and closes randomly, whether the key is in the vehicle or not.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION - Your keyfob may have an issue where the conductive portion of the button has become detached and fallen onto the circuit board, which triggers the door at random times. Easy fix.

Front wipers stuck on with no power to other functions (SOLVED)

This occurred on a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan where windshield wipers just come on and you can't turn them off.  Basically anything else electrical won't work as well (radio, door locks, signal lights, spedometer, tachometer, etc.)  Anyway, I took it to my mechanic who is an independent operator not with a dealership and he spend 7.5 hrs trying to find the problem with possible grounding issues etc.  By accident, he discovered that the problem would stop when he accidently bumped the door of the DVD player in the ceiling behind the driver seat.  He then plugged and unplugged the connection for this and each time he plugged it in the problem would start and when he unplugged it, it would stop. He has then unplugged this DVD player and the electrical problems have stopped and everything else works normal. He charged me $400.00 for the time he spent working on this problem.  I hope this will help someone else who has been having this problem without paying for a new TIPM which won't fix the problem. -Submitted to us by Ron from Canada.

Air Conditioning (AC) not working

If your AC blows hot, read this first. Then replace the TIPM to if the problem persists. We can recommend a company that sells used TIPMs.

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