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Our goal is to ship your parts as fast as possible.  Shipping and Delivery is the charge for internet order processing, item selection, packaging, transport, and handling. We don’t guarantee delivery times, especially since many carriers have been affected by COVID-19, but we do our best to provide accurate estimates.

Most product orders completed by 2PM ET will ship the same day Monday through Friday.  Orders received on Saturday or Sunday will not be processed until Monday.  The shipping duration estimates shown below begin at the time and day the package is shipped by us.  USPS, UPS, and FedEx deliver Monday through Saturday (exception is that FedEx Saturday deliveries include only 2-Day shipments to most locations).  You will be notified via email when your package has been shipped and tracking details will be provided.  Please check your spam or promotions folder before contacting us with a tracking number request.  Normal delivery times are calculated based on your destination zip code and listed on our website when choosing shipping options.  The average delivery times are as follows:


Domestic Shipping Options


  • USPS 1st Class:  4-7 days (not guaranteed)
  • USPS Priority: 2-3 days (not guaranteed)
  • USPS Priority Express: 1 day to most locations, but occasionally 2 days (not guaranteed)


UPS Ground
UPS Ground Map

  • UPS Ground:  1-5 days (not guaranteed), available in all 50 states and Puerto Rico with day-definite delivery, including Saturday
  • 2nd Day Air:  2 days (not guaranteed) with delivery by the end of the day, including Saturday delivery for shipments initially sent on Thursday, available in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, with additional transit time in some parts of Alaska and Hawaii
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver:  1 day delivery (not guaranteed) by 3pm or 4:30pm to most commercial destinations where UPS Next Day Air delivery is committed by 10:30am or 12pm, respectively.  Available in the 48 contiguous states and limited addresses in Alaska and Hawaii.
  • UPS Next Day Air:  1 day delivery (not guaranteed) by 10:30am, 12pm or the end of the day, depending on the destination, with delivery by 12pm or 1:30pm on Saturdays.  Available in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, with some limitations in Alaska and Hawaii.
  • UPS Next Day Air Early:  1 day delivery (not guaranteed) by 8am to major cities and by 8:30am, 9am or 9:30am to most cities, with Saturday delivery to some locations as early as 9am.  Available to major cities in the 48 contiguous states, plus select cities in Alaska and Hawaii.


International Shipping Options


  • USPS First Class Mail: Normally 1-3 weeks (not guaranteed)
  • USPS Priority Mail International: 7-12 days (not guaranteed)
  • USPS Priority Express Mail International: Normally 3-5 days to major markets, but can be up to 8 days (not guaranteed)


  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus® (not guaranteed)
    • Delivery by 8:30 am to Canada
    • 9:00 am to all other destinations
    • Next day delivery to Canada
    • Delivery within two business days to Europe
    • Delivery within two or three business days to Asia
  • UPS Worldwide Express®  (not guaranteed)
    • Delivery by 10:30 am or 12:00 noon
    • Delivery by the next business day to Canada and for documents to Mexico
    • Second business day delivery to Europe and Latin America
    • Delivery within two or three business days to Asia
  • UPS Worldwide Saver (not guaranteed)
    • Delivery by end of day
    • Next business day delivery to Canada and for documents to Mexico
    • Second business day delivery to Europe and Latin America
    • Delivery within two or three business days to Asia
  • UPS Worldwide Expedited® (not guaranteed)
    • Delivery in two business days to Canada
    • Next business day delivery to Canada and for documents to Mexico
    • Delivery in three or four days to Europe
    • Delivery in four or five days to Asia and Latin America UPS Standard
    • Day-definite delivery based on origin and destination
  • UPS Standard (not guaranteed)
    • 2 to 5 days duration, day-definite delivery based on origin and destination

Shipment Schedule

  • FedEx - Monday through Friday (cutoff at 2PM ET). If using FedEx and you require a package to be delivered on Saturday, you MUST choose 2-Day Special One Rate. 
  • USPS/UPS - Monday through Friday (cutoff at 2PM ET).

Delivery Schedule

  • FedEx - Monday through Friday (Saturday deliveries are only made for 2-Day Special One Rate shipments).  FedEx will not deliver to approximately 10-20% of our shipment destinations on Saturday.  FedEx DOES NOT consider Saturday or Sunday to be a delivery day (ie.  If your part ships on Friday with 2-day delivery, you'll receive it on Tuesday).  If your part ships on Friday with Priority Overnight delivery, you'll receive it on Monday.
  • USPS - Monday through Saturday.  USPS DOES NOT consider Sunday to be a delivery day (ie.  If your part ships on Friday with a 3-day delivery, you'll receive it on Tuesday)
  • UPS - Monday through Saturday.

Order confirmation emails are sent minutes after each order is placed. Tracking emails are sent when the order ships.

PO Boxes

Only USPS can deliver to addresses containing a PO Box.  If you choose FedEx or UPS delivery service while providing a PO Box address, we may elect to ship your part via the equivalent USPS service.

Missing Deliveries

Before notifying us that your package has not arrived, we highly suggest you perform the following:

  • Wait a day.  USPS is notorious for delivering packages a day later than what is shown on the tracking information. FedEx will occasionally do this as well.
  • Don't trust tracking information.  USPS often fails to update tracking information in a timely manner or note that we've actually hand-delivered the package to them.
  • Look in your mailbox.  As strange as this sounds, about once a month we answer calls about missing packages and the customer finds it sitting in their mailbox.  
  • If your shipment tracking indicates that it's been delivered, but it's not in your mailbox, it's possible that the carrier has accidentally delivered it to the wrong address.  Ask your neighbors if they've seen the package. The normal procedure in this situation is to visit your local US Postal Service center and provide them with the shipment tracking information.  Since each shipment logs GPS data when shipments are scanned and delivered, they have the capability to map where your shipment was during the delivery process.  In most situations, packages are accidentally delivered to a neighbor or a drop-box key was not left for customers who have small grouped mailboxes.  For missing UPS packages, please contact us and we'll notify them of the issue.
  • Verify that the package has not been stolen.  If you have security cameras, review the footage.
  • Once all of the above steps are accounted for, contact us and we'll evaluate the situation and try to offer a resolution.   In most cases, we will open an investigation with the carrier locate your package.

If your overnight shipment service was late and the shipment service was guaranteed, please contact us and we'll refund the price difference between what you paid and the slower service you received once the shipping claim is approved.

Late Deliveries

COVID-19, seasonal storms, and/or a busy Holiday season has and will affect/delay deliveries.  We also describe potential delays in all emails, shipment confirmations, and within the terms and conditions you agreed to when placing an order with us.  Everyone who ships products across the USA is experiencing this same problem.  Since the summer of 2020, we've noticed a steady decline in on-time deliveries and we get calls/emails on a daily basis regarding this subject.   USPS and UPS will not guarantee delivery times for most shipments and no refunds can be provided to customers for late deliveries.  We wish the situation were different, but we don't fly the planes or drive the delivery trucks anymore, so we can't control the shipment once it leaves our shop.  In most cases, we know just as much as you do with respect to tracking information, which isn't always accurate to begin with (USPS is notorious for failing to note that we've handed the package to them and they sometimes let packages sit without movement for days).  If you received a tracking number from us, then your package has indeed been handed off to the shipper on the exact same day.  We've done our best to inform every customer of potential delivery delays and provide the most accurate shipping time estimations, which come directly from the shipper.  We apologize for any delays, but we trust that you'll understand our ability to influence delivery times is very limited.  We do our best to warn you of possible and likely delivery delays, per the following areas:

Once you add the product to the cart, we explain the delays are possible and encourage you to read more about the topic:

Before you can check out and purchase the part, you are required to agree to our terms of service where we further explain that delivery delays are possible and no shipping refunds can be provided:


It is important for our customers to spend the time and read the seven simple items listed on our terms and conditions.   

Shipment Address Changes

Prior to shipment, please contact us as soon as possible with any address changes.  Once a shipment has left our shop, we don't permit address changes due to excessive fees charged to our account and the possibility of fraud.

USPS Tracking Number Reuse

Some customers will immediately click on their tracking link once it is received, only to find out the package is listed as "delivered" anywhere from 6-12 months ago.  USPS sometimes recycles tracking numbers.  As soon as they scan your package, it will reset and sync with your delivery requirements.  More info.

Customs Fees

Some shipments delivered to countries outside the USA may result in a separate customs fee that must be paid by the buyer prior to release of the package.  Since we have no way of determining which countries, carriers, and packages will be charged and the amounts are unknown to us, customs fees are not part of the shipping and handling paid with your order.  We only collect shipping and handling fees to ensure your package is sent to the address you specify.  We do not collect customs fees from customers.  Custom fees are determined and collected by your country, which is standard practice worldwide.  Some countries, such as Canada, often collect these fees through carriers such as FedEx or UPS.  Let us know if you have any custom fees questions.

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